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An Old Friend’s Call


It’s been that long since I sat at a PC to do this. So much time has passed. So much has happened, is happening now, and will happen within the next few months. Where do I start?

I’ve experienced a few more family losses since last time. I’m currently experiencing a transition with regards to work; having been the one a part of numerous send offs of long tendered colleagues, I now stand at the starting point of making that walk myself in earnest. Also what lies before me is the task to complete my master’s degree and all its promises and pitfalls, before really starting to move my career forward with earnest. Throw in a health issue that’s somewhat resolved and some relationships in various stages of (ill) health, possible relocation questions and it’s no secret as to how and why things got quiet around here for so long.

On the meso level, communities have died, some been reborn, some have experienced all sorts of metamorphosis. On the national level, we’ve got an election cycle that has the  look of a train wreck of epic proportions. Cops shooting civilians and civilians firing back. Cuba slowly opening back up to American influences. Taylor Swift isn’t as perfect as her image dictates;  Kim K. and Kanye are still perfect in how they keep the spotlight trained on them.

Still, throughout it all…I’ve gotten older since my last go ‘round here – wiser in some areas, sillier in others.

Some things are still the same – my sentences are still too long and compound for their own good; the flirtation with technology, and the overarching commitment to walking the fine line between the old and the new. The new stuff: more lessons learned, more stories to tell and new insights to be discovered together.

What does this me for me going forward? What do you know when you’ve forgotten more than you know to recall, yet are stuck remembering too much of those things that you should really try to forget?

Who knows, really. Here’s hoping you are still willing to stick around for the ride.

The journey on the life course continues…and yes, the Bar is open, under New Old Management.




Bar Etiquette

Here’s a brief guide to some featured segments of the blog:

From The Wine Cellar: Previous experiences, topics or events that inspired me to start the blog.

Premium Shots: These are the new “proverbs” based on those “profound moments of clarity” we all have periodically.

Tip Jar: a segment where readers can suggest a topic, comment or burning thought aimed at soliciting the barkeep’s perspective. Email your thoughts to and the barkbeep will address it here!

Barstool Blues: current issues, events, or observations over the past week that was noteworthy.


Grand Opening: Liquor License Approved!

The Bar is now open for business!

As the tagline suggest, this blog has NOTHING to do with alcohol of any sort…unless you are talking about the elixir that is LIFE! We’ve all had experiences where life tastes so sweet and savory, some where life seems lukewarm and others when life feels like the hangover from hell.

This is a space meant not to necessarily focus so much on the gory details of each episode itself, but rather to share the lessons learned in the moments of clarity during or after those profound experiences with others.

Thanks for stopping by! Come back again soon…there’s always spot at the bar waiting for you…



This blog is inspired by the “rum bar space” in the Jamaican culture in which I grew up in the last few decades of the 20th century. Often times, “hanging out” in a rum bar while being clearly under-aged was less about trying to get alcohol to drink but more about being exposed to key life lessons. The rum bar was often a place where many elders hung out. Being able to sit and listen, and sometimes debate with them on “life” (in the forms of politics, sports, philosophy, religion, relationships) as a “youngster” was a part of my own development that I often reflect on fondly. In those days, there was nothing more rewarding than seeing an elder nod at comment you made, or hearing them say “Ah di truth yuh ah talk”.

My hope is to make this blog a space where those “profound” moments in life that are often found in proverbs and daily experiences can highlighted and shared with others.  For those wanting to get in touch with me directly with suggestions, topics (which people will be credited for) or private comments:

So pull up a stool and see what’s on tap!