“Ugh! Do I HAVE to Vote in November?”

Well, the title says it all, doesn’t it?

Honestly, I cannot tell the last time I was so apathetic about the US Presidential election. I can tell you growing up, i was this apathetic all the time as that political environment made what I’m seeing in the US somewhat tame in comparison in some areas. These two candidates are train wrecks in their own right, for sure. Really, they are. One is not the most trustworthy, and in the other one we can surely trust that something inflammatory will be uttered with impeccably inopportune timing.

So what do you do when you have to do when you’re forced to choose between sleeping on a rock and a hard place? You learn to sleep with one eye open and never get too comfortable where you lay.

Look, I’m not saying that any of the others who dropped out were any better. Yes, you can argue that maybe one or two candidates who have done better in a different geopolitical climate. But the truth is, we are where we are – and these are the two idiots we’re stuck with. I’ve heard people talking about how Mrs. Clinton should win very easily. I’ve always scoffed about that, simply because I’m looking at the bigger problems ahead. It isn’t about winning the election, it’s about running the country going forward.

Mr. Obama ran a very good first election and for the next 8 years ran into the roadblock that was an uncooperative Congress. Now he DID make some mistakes along the way, but the truth is that much of those foes are still there. So it’s not like Mrs. Clinton will have an easier time if she gets elected. And if Mr. Trump gets in, he’ll face similar opposition, albeit for different reasons.

So folks, go out and vote. Watch the debates, screen through the political spin carefully and do your thorough research. Then decide which of the lesser of these two ills you’re more likely to stomach. Because if you’ve got the power to vote, you don’t get to complain when things really go sideways since you stayed on the sidelines due to terrible candidates.





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