Scandal! Politricks at Its Worst

Tough week for politicians, eh?

On Tuesday, the Malcolm Smith trying to buy his way into the Mayoral race scandal broke. On Wednesday, there was another scandal involving the NYC City Council, with one corrupt Bronx Assemblyman ratting out another. Yesterday, the President and the First Lady took some heat  – one for calling the California Attorney General “hot” and the other for saying she is a “single mother”.

Filter me, please! Where are the handlers?

Nah, seriously, while some of the flak the pols have gotten this week are deserved, others are over the top mole hills made about nothing caught by a too sensitive social media crazed society. Let me start with the President and The First Lady.

I’m sure those are harmless remarks by both. Now, the funniest part of the President’s remarks have been how the GOP had grabbed them by the ass and ran with them…all the while conveniently forgetting some of the goofs their candidates had within the last 18 months – from Romney’s “binders of women”, to other candidates justifying rape and talking about abortions. Now, I wouldn’t have said what the President said, because once you bring up sex as a male elected official when talking about any woman in office after you’ve described her intelligence, resume and capabilities, the sex comment is the equilavent of what someone says after they just the word “BUT” in a comment – it just negates everything else. So of course some of the women’s groups will slam him for that. Still, I have to give him a slight pass because of his record on women’s rights and the fact that people can have a slip from time to time. He’s presented himself as having a personable and honest approach to the Presidency – and this was one of those moments where those comments didn’t help. I’m sure he will apologize at some point.

As for the First Lady, she gets a pass here too because of the approach she has to take. Remember, many Presidents and First Ladies have talked about how much they feel like they live in a bubble. I am sure that while the President has been present and accounted for in his family life, when two people are as driven as this two, you may have to take on a singular mindset with some things. Now, it is completely different when it is really a mom on her own with no partner for sure in the picture, but I am sure that many military wives, businesswomen and other spouses who have partners with high involved, great travelling and distance jobs got her point very clearly.

For my take on Malcolm Smith, look no further than here:

As for Bronx Assemblyman Eric Stevenson getting arrested thanks to the “turncoat” Assemblyman Nelson Castro, isn’t it amazing how it takes a rat to catch a rat? What a world we live in when only the corrupt can bring others down. Look, as cynical as I am of politicians, let’s remember that there are a fair number of those elected officials who have the public’s interests at heart. Too often we as the populus romanticize the people who break the scandals – whether the whistleblowers or prosecutors – and forget that sometimes these folks have their own skeletons in their closet. We also forget that the goal of the politician isn’t to be in the news, but for us to see their work in the improved quality of life around us. Scandals like these often have us forget those hard-working officials who have passed landmark bills or been steady enough to the point where when they retire or some idiot gets elected in their place is when we appreciate what we had as constituents.

There are more corrupted places than New York state on the Earth. The President has bigger issues to worry about than a slip of the lip of how good-looking Attorney General Kamala Harris may be, and First Lady Michelle Obama channeling her inner single lady and mom in charge. All 4 will survive, with the President and First Lady moving on to other things, Eric Stevenson to jail and Nelson Castro to a lifetime of shame and embarrassment (he cut a deal with the FBI to avoid jail time).

Still, it does make entertaining comedy when politicians take a beating in the news. Guess it reminds us that there is still work to be done on the people’s behalf – that’s the most important thing to focus on.

Obama-head-down (1)


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