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Yes to Longevity; No to Old Age

“Every man desires to live long; but no man would be old.”Jonathan Swift 1667-1745


When Opportunity Knocks…

One of the traditions that many folks like about New Year’s Eve + New Year’s Day is the chance to start over and the feeling of taking advantage of this “clean slate” as people look to improve their lives. I’m no different from most folks – the start of the year is pretty joyous alone with its feel of endless potential. But these days my focus has been more about identifying and seizing opportunities as they arise, rather than making resolutions that are hard to follow through over the grind of a long year.

Back in the day when I used to be a huge Greek Mythology buff, the story of Caerus was one of my favorites. Basically, Caerus was the deity of opportunity – a young person who ran very fast and wore no clothes. The only other distinguishing feature was a lock of hair that ran down Caerus’ head. Greek myth has it that in order for Caerus to grant you anything you desired, you had to grab and hold on to get Caerus to stop running. That was supposedly no easy feat because Caerus had oily skin, along with the being naked and running fast bit.

The first time I heard the story was in high school when our former principal, Mr. Roberts, was talking about seizing the moment during some assembly worship at the time and mentioned the story of Caerus. Over time, it has become a very endearing story for me, because I found out that if you’re never ready for opportunity, it will always pass you by. As daunting as Caerus was in Greek myth, there were success stories of people seizing opportunity. Sometimes the easiest time to do so is at the beginning of the year, but often times the mark of someone who is ready for opportunity is able to spot it and grab on any time of the year.

So while here’s to both health and prosperity for 2013, hopefully you can take a moment to get ready for the opportunities that lie ahead. Maybe now is a good time to figure out what you want so it makes grabbing onto those opportunities much easier. As those in the Greek myth would tell you, getting ready for opportunity might be the hardest part of chasing ones hopes and dreams. Sometimes the prep work doesn’t pan out; other times what we grabbed onto and ended up getting wasn’t the best fit. But, it is better to have gone through the effort than to be always wondering how others are speeding ahead in the fast lane when things feel like they are stuck on neutral or reverse.

Just like one of the old lotto tag lines: “you cannot win it without a ticket”, you really cannot take advantage of any opportunity without being able to recognize it and be ready for it.