Being Responsible for Our Own Renewal

Sometimes life has a habit of forcing us to make lemonade from lemons. We often are dealing with overcoming some type of adversity as we walk, crawl, stumble or glide gracefully across life’s stage. Whatever the cross may be, we often run the risk of falling for mirages as we trek through the sands of our trials.

My point is that after a while it’s not enough to say that all we are doing is “grinning and bearing it”. A lesson that was taught to me was that if you don’t look after yourself, no one will really look after you. Self renewal is one of those things that is quite often easier said than done.

For whatever reason some of us seemingly enjoy the company of misery. There are days it feels like we wake up next to blight and strife rides shotgun as we head of into the play that is our day. Still, true “me time” can serve as the apple to our souls that keeps us out of the proverbial doctor’s office.

How many of us enjoy our own company? How many of us can take the time out to be thankful for who we are, no matter how miserable or joyful our circumstances may be?

Seems like “me time” in contemporary life is often spent on some pursuit. Sex, money, vice, love, power, material possessions, world people and environmental responsibility are but a few of some of the causes that dominate our thoughts. But when our way to cope gets broken, how many of us know how to step back, put the pieces back together and keep it moving?

There are so many opportunities for self renewal. Perhaps is pushing oneself in a healthy but unexpected way. Maybe it is time to clean out that closet. Why not jump in the car and just go for a drive. Go ahead and take in a long deep breath, and let it out – feeling the rising of your chest and the tingling sensation if you keep doing for a minute or two. Sometimes what we need to help us cope with the bigger things in life are a few little things to provide the winds between our wings.

My hope that is maybe after reading this we can really take the time out to enjoy that tired old joke your friend keeps telling for the millionth time, or seeing kids crawl into some of the weirdest nooks and crannies because the world seems so cool and fascination to them at that moment in time. Maybe we can appreciate the smile of a love lost, or a passionate hug from a love that we hold dear. Maybe we can get on stage and sing karaoke and forget about how many window panes we have busted because our singing is OFF-KEY to the Nth degree. Maybe all we need to recharge is the stillness of the night or the flow of the day to remind us how beautiful it is just to be alive.

Life is never as good as it seems or as bad as it looks. It’s really what happens in the next moment that counts just as much as the memory you just made.


One thought on “Being Responsible for Our Own Renewal”

  1. “Life is never as good as it seems or as bad as it looks. It’s really what happens in the next moment that counts just as much as the memory you just made.”

    Simple………yet profound. Life is really what we make it. Sometimes we really need to step back and “smell the roses”, life is indeed beautiful, once we learn to appreciate the simplest things in life.

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