Money and the Educated Sweet Tooth–seekingarrangement-com-website-connects-starving-students-with-sugar-daddies

A few weeks ago as I’m headed into work, I spot the headline above in the free NY Metro paper that made me HAD to grab it.

I had to bust out laughing when I read it, and being in New York, I got no stares on the train during rush hour when that happened. Now, I’m not saying that neither the situations themselves nor people involved are funny, but it just goes to show you how expensive it is to live in New York – and the lengths some will go to enjoy all the City has to offer.

People should see the romance ads on city pages. It is lettered with every time of sugar daddy request imaginable. What’s even more humorous is how some of them will sell the companionship and the great conversation but never really address the expectations of the person who is willing to cough up all the cash.

To me, it’s more about what the “arrangement” is supposed to signify as the devil is always in the details. Let’s be honest. Nothing in life is free, and I am sure that not all the gentlemen who are flushed with cash and willing to oblige are solely looking for simple companionship. So it sounds like the stage is being set for a sophisticated version of “tricking”.

Now, in the ladies defense this is an expensive ass town. There are days where I wonder if I’m just existing in NYC or getting some semblance of a foothold in this concrete jungle. There is virtually everything here, much to see and plenty to do. Since many things are at a premium in this oasis of choices, shelling out some cash is the way of life. After all, NYC is a microcosm of contemporary America– charge it now, and either pay for it later or get someone else to foot the bill.

Plus, this is a tough town to catch a break in. There are many people who may never make it because they lack the support or financial resources to pull through, even though they are as gifted, talented, and hard-working as the next person. Sometimes necessity can be the mother of invention.

Here’s why the sugar daddy might be interested. Since youth is the flavor of the day, it says something when you are able to bring an attractive, intelligent companion along with you to certain social circles or events. It reinforces your own affluence in the sphere that you operate in. It takes a serious level of success to afford a sugar daddy relationship, especially in a city with such a healthy indulgent appetite. The sugar daddy does have some choice here, if it is not working for him, he isn’t the one typically with the most to lose.

Now, it’s not a male sugar daddy to female starving student setup solely. With the more prominent phenomenon of cougars roaming around in the canyons of NYC, there are some women who are taking a somewhat similar approach. Their “requirements” and “screening techniques” may be different, but there are some powerful women who the old fashion dating just doesn’t mess to their current lifestyle.

So is this really as far-fetched as it seems? Not quite. But it does boil down to one this: seeing what happens when feelings get involved. After all, even the tastiest of sweets come with the caveat of cavities.


3 thoughts on “Money and the Educated Sweet Tooth”

    1. That’s a great line. Even though people are free to spend their money as they please, there is something often tenuous at best about a pay to play relationship…not matter how beautiful one person is and how loaded in the pocket the other is…

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