Time To Make A Change

Dr. L asks:  “Bwoy! Mi Caan tell yuh how much lazy jackass mi see pon dem train wid beggin’ cup? Weh mek dem nuh go look wuk fi live likkle life?” 

Because no matter the weather, any jackass will gallop after the right smelling corn.

It goes without saying how difficult these times are economically. There are many folk out there who are at jobs where clearly they are causing burnout and unhappiness. People here in the US are inundated with bills, economic plans, unemployment benefits and rising debt. So it makes the case that you will find more people who are stuck in those “get me over for right now jobs” because they know how difficult is it in order to get to what they want.

Here’s the ugly truth: it’s always difficult to make a career change, even when that change has to be a necessary one.

We all know how bad the economy is here in the US, and it’s not great globally either. But what if making a career change has almost nothing to do with the economy? In a good economy, it’s harder to get into the field that you want because if it’s a well-paying job others want in. If one is making a career change in a poor economy, the challenge is that employers have more leverage due to both salaries and number of applicants. Now the economy might play into supplementary things like loans, but really – that’s about it.

So, if the economy isn’t the issue, then what keeps people in those “right now” jobs? Well, we all are creatures of habit. We may get caught up in the same routine and just find it easier to deal with the “same evil” that we know quite well at the current job. Some of us have gotten so good at that we know the system inside out and even if the job doesn’t pay well, you just use the loopholes to protest the salary. We all know the good ones – using the company phone to make personal calls, taking an extended lunch, leaving early, and pilfering stationery. The price we pay is that we sometimes become the things we didn’t want to be, all in the name of playing it safe.

We all cannot be lawyers, doctors, models and rock stars. If we were, who would fly our planes, make the food when we go out to eat, remove our garbage, watch our kids or massage our aching feet? Not every job is glamorous, but every job can lead to the slice of the dream for the one who is willing to use it properly.

It is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel in these times; especially when one has bills to pay, kids to take care of, and other responsibilities. But if one doesn’t make the time to get on track, how effective will they really be in fulfilling those roles financially? Stretching a dollar to make ends meet is important, but the last time I checked, you cannot use $100 to buy a $1 million home.

Unfortunately, it boils down to fear for many folk when it’s time to make a change. Even when people have a well laid out plan on how to get closer to where they want to be, there are still jitters. What if this part falls through? Will I have enough income coming in during the lean times? What if put in all this savings and it blows up in my face? Just like anything else in life, it is about planning, making adjustments and falling through. If you are holding your own with your current responsibilities, it means you can make the change successfully too.

There are times we just need the right push to get us started. It could be anything, from words of wisdom, the boss flipping out unnecessarily and it irked your last nerve or the smile from your children. A big part of making the right change is making sure you have support in your corner to help you ride both the high waves and low troughs.

As Deion Sanders said in his 2011 Pro Football Hall of Fame induction speech: “if your dream is not bigger than you, then something is wrong with your dream”.

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