Home Is Where….

“Can you really go back home again?” is one of the most common phrases people have asked about from as far as I can remember. This is something I think about a fair deal from time to time, especially when it is triggered by the following conversation” “ah when last yuh go back ah yard (Jamaica)?”

Being able to return to one’s roots is something that is never really far from anyone who was migrated on any level. It is always the matter of weighing scales to see why one left and what one can go back home to that makes such a choice so tricky indeed. Now, many people leave their “homes” for different reasons, and for that matter, have different “homes”. Persecution, seeking opportunity, needing a change of scenery are often the most common reasons. There are those small few who’ve burnt bridges and threw “The Deuces” up and have NO intention of returning home. But, for the majority of people, being able to return home is always at the back of their minds.

The big thing that we often forget is home is not the same once you’ve left – ever. Whether positive or negative, there is always a sense of nostalgia created by that place we call home that drives us. Some people want to return to vanquish demons, be hailed as a success, or others just miss the comforts that home provides. Some just want to go back and bulldoze the place. The common theme is to be able to go back on one’s own terms and to be in charge of the “home coming.”

One situation that highlights the difficulties of “being able to go back home again” is the experience transplants have when they either return to visit or move back to live. The trouble there is that people can tell that you haven’t “been here” for a while. It doesn’t help that transplants are seen for the “money” that they have by some locals and are at minimum harassed, killed at the extreme. There are a fair number of folk who want to return to their homeland but just don’t feel the aggravation is worth the effort. Not every transplant wants to physically return – some want to lend economic support but have too many concerns about how well their capital will be properly utilized. As a result, they may choose to invest where they are because they have more direct control of their investments.

There is nothing wrong with yearning for home, whatever it may mean for a person. But if you cannot really go home again, it may be best to just making a new home instead.


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