Stuck In a Rut While On The Grind

Don K asks:  “How sick and tired must one get in order to be tired of being tolerant”?

 Well, it depends on what you are trying to put up with and why is there a need to be tolerant in the first place.

Look, different people put up with different things for various reasons. We all can reflect on an element in our own personal life that we are seemingly “putting up with”, at one point in time or another while working towards where we “want to be in life”. It could be a person who irritates us but has something we need in the moment, a job that will lead us nowhere but we need it right now to pay the bills. Whatever the case may be, we are focused on dealing with it in the interim, knowing that it’s a temporary circumstance. That’s what some call “being on the grind”.

Sometimes we get so lost into the act of “being on the grind” that we may lose focus on why we are “on the grind” in the first place. So stuff you used to not put up with in the beginning you find yourself justifying. Even when you know it’s a lie, you’re trying to convince yourself why you should put up with it. There is nothing more dangerous than to lose focus in this way. A loss in focus causes us to stay permanently off course and never really accomplish the goals we had initially set out.

The best thing to do if one finds themselves stuck in a bog of tolerance in to check in by asking the following questions:

  •  What am I being tolerant/sick and tired of?
  • What am I really working towards?
  • What obstacles are in my way?
  • What are my resources are at hand?
  • How can I get the ball rolling again?

Don’t be surprised in what you find in trying to answer these questions: sometimes the cold truth, as unpleasant is it may be, is needed to spur us into action and to get us back on course. It ain’t an easy thing to do, but being on the grind too long might make us dull and disinterested when we need to be at our sharpest.


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