Knowing When to Hold and When to Fold

Mr. P asks: “When is the best time to jump ship if one sees the end is near? Do you do it at the first sight of storm clouds, the first bad gut feeling, or when the bow of the ship is pointed at a 45 degree angle, ready to slip below the waves?”

Well, it depends on both the condition of the boat and the validity of the cause.

Sometimes it’s hard to rely on our intuition, or even the source of our intuition itself. For some, intuition is based in a faith or personal belief. For others it is found buried deep within the bowels – that thing that appears when most needed, be it a warning of danger or heralding an opportunity. Whatever the source may be, there are times where the swells of life either cut us off or restrict our connection to this key part of our essence. Being cut off or simply out of touch with our intuition can cause us to make faulty decisions as we evaluate situations in which it seems best to “jump ship”. Some of us are quick to “cut and run” at the first sign of trouble, others “go down with the ship” because they have become trapped in a situation with no escape. If one finds themselves asking this question, it may be a good sign that something is a miss. Take a moment to step back and figure out:

  •  What was the goal I initially had?
  • Where I am in relation to achieving my goal?
  • Why am I in this situation?
  • What is stopping me from achieving my goal?
  • Is what I want really worth it?
  • Is it now time to change my approach?
  • Who or what are my resources?

Perhaps the goals need to be revised. Maybe the goals are attainable but the means (boat) being used is inadequate. Maybe the timing of pursuing the goal is inappropriate. It could be any combination of the three. Or maybe this situation is just meant to be anything more than a learning experience as everything is completely out of your hands.

Still, a thorough introspective search for the answers to the questions above might lead someone to reconnect with their intuition and find the answers they seek. Being “intuitively inclined” is a difficult skill to master, but one anyone who wants to “be someone” in life is quite adept at.


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